Hauseit® Mortgage Lender Partners

1. Browse our selection of pre-vetted, experienced mortgage lenders.
2. Contact one or more lenders directly for a complimentary consultation.
3. Negotiate rates, fees and other terms directly with each lender.
4. Hauseit does not collect any referral fees for these complimentary introductions.

Michael Vrlaku, SVP of Lending at Guaranteed Rate

Michael is a Mortgage Loan Specialist with almost 20 years in the business. Located in NYC, Mike specializes in condo and co-op transactions but also finances all residential one to four-family properties. With the ability to finance in all 50 states, Mike and his team have helped thousands of clients with home purchases and refinances on primary, vacation and investment homes.  For more financing information, rate quotes and pre-approvals, contact Mike today.

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